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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue and muscles using different hand movements in order to aid relaxation and relieve any aches and stiffness.  The practitioner uses some oil or cream so that the hand movements are smooth and flowing.  The aim of the treatment is to stimulate the circulation, release tension in the muscles, and create an overall feeling of calm.  


The treatment can be adapted to your needs so if you simply want to chill out then a gentle massage using long slow strokes, would suit your needs.  This type of massage can also be beneficial if you have anxiety and for those with sleep problems.  Firmer pressure using kneading and friction movements can help relieve muscle tightness and pain and aid flexibility.


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Reiki is a system of healing, originating from Japan, which uses the hands to channel universal energy, the ki (life-force), and by means of laying them on or just above the client, enables the body and mind to come into balance.


Touch is very healing, whether it is from hand-holding, or a hug, but uniquely with Reiki the energy is not coming from the practitioner, but they are instead channelling it, and thus it will go to wherever it is required by the client.  This channelled energy can be extremely effective in accordance with a client’s needs, but at the same time both gentle and subtle, and unlike other bodywork involves no physical manipulation.


If you are looking for some gentle relaxation, ease of mind, and a non-invasive therapy which you can experience fully-clothed, then why not try a Reiki session.



Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage is an ancient therapy which combines massage, stretching and acupressure, working on the pressure points and energy lines of the legs and feet, using the hands and thumbs and a wooden massage stick, with a small amount of cream to aid in the smooth movements of the hands.


The feet are an often-neglected area of the body which work hard for us but miss out on care and attention.  Having therapy on the lower legs and feet can not only ease those tired out limbs but because the treatment works on the energy or Sen lines as they are known in Thai massage, then it is believed that blocked energy can be released and the whole body benefits, so you feel relaxed and refreshed.


As only the lower legs and feet are uncovered for this treatment it would also suit those clients who are perhaps less body-confident or prefer to remain clothed for a treatment.

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A discount of 20% is available for Seniors and Students

Gift Vouchers are available either for particular treatments or for a specific value.