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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage can be both a relaxing and replenishing experience.  Whether you want to unwind after a hectic day, or have some aches and pains which require some attention, a treatment can reinvigorate both body and mind.



Thai Foot Massage is an ancient form of therapy for the lower legs and feet which combines massage and acupressure using the hands, thumbs and a wooden massage stick. It can help with any muscle and joint stiffness and is also soothing and relaxing.

Thai Foot Massage

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which uses universal ki energy channelled by the practitioner to impart well-being using various hand positions.  It can help to relieve stress, making the client feel relaxed and calm.



I obtained my diploma with merit in Swedish Massage from the Complementary Therapy School, the only private training provider in the UK offering a university credit rated massage qualification.

I also have diplomas in Hot Stone Massage, Traditional Thai Foot Massa, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy.

I also offer sound therapy with a singing bowl and also Reiki.

A facial treatment or body scrub is also available either as a stand-alone treatment or as add-on to massage.

I am a professional member of the Complementary Therapists Association.


Treatments are provided in my home, in a room set aside for therapies.

My practice is environmentally friendly, using organic oils and creams, organic cotton towels and linens and my clothing is made of organic cotton and bamboo.


About Well-Being Massage Therapy

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Hot Stone Massage is a very relaxing therapy which uses heated basalt stones to warm and ease the muscles.  The heat of the stones means less pressure is needed to work deeply into the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage